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Classical Cottage School

A Different Way To School

An outstanding three day a week K-12 education in the classical tradition.


The Oaks provides teaching of core curricula and enrichment through classical pedagogy in a cottage school model. A cottage school meets fewer than five days a week. A professional teacher instructs in core subjects and enrichment and supports parents in their child’s education. Parents reinforce lessons learned on campus at home. To find out more or get answers to frequently asked questions, check out the link below.


The Oaks Classical Cottage School embraces the rich tradition of a classical liberal arts education to equip students to know and love that which is true, good, and beautiful. The result is an environment where joyful learning occurs.


The Oaks Classical Cottage School has an unwavering commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This means the gospel is integrated into every subject taught cultivating a love for learning, for the glory of God. Learn more from our statement of faith found here.


The Oaks, is committed to partnering with Christian parents seeking to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Our collaborative three day model allows us to work together toward the students' academic and spiritual growth, while providing more family time.

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