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Participation in enrichment and extracurricular activities enhances students' educational experience by fostering creativity, teamwork, and other essential skills. These skills complement the rigorous academic curriculum leading to a stronger school community and well-rounded individuals.


Enrichment Days

Enrichment days provide students with the opportunity to study logic and rhetoric, fine arts, and languages. In addition, there is time for additional academic support in math labs or opportunities for scientific discovery in science labs. The less formal schedule also provides plenty of opportunities for fellowship, games, and community building.

Extracurricular Interests

Students experience a rich variety of activities off campus to complement their classical education. The River Region community provides opportunities to participate in both individual and team sports, fine arts pursuits, or other hobbies. The cottage school model gives families more time to participate in a rich variety of interests, to share these with the school community, and to celebrate excellence. Current students enjoy cheerleading, choir, dance, equestrian sports, piano, scouts, soccer, speech and debate, swimming, theatre, and many other activities.

Horseback Riding
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