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Student Life

Student life is characterized by a dynamic and enriching environment, fostering academic growth, the development of interpersonal skills, character, and a sense of community. This strong sense of community and vibrant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere converge to cultivate a love for learning and lifelong friendships.

Group Hug

House Groups

Houses create a nurturing and supportive school community. These intergenerational groups, foster mentorship, camaraderie, and healthy competition. Students form lasting friendships and engage in character-building activities that instill values and virtues. The house system also provides leadership opportunities and fosters a sense of responsibility. Through shared experiences and collaboration, house groups contribute to overall social, emotional, and academic student development, creating a dynamic and enriching educational environment rooted in classical principles.

Field Trips

Field trips offer students experiential learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. Field trips stimulate curiosity and a love for learning by providing a tangible context for academic concepts. Moreover, these outings promote social interaction, teamwork, and communication skills as students collaborate in a different setting. Local field trips enrich the educational experience by making learning interactive, memorable, and relevant to students' lives. While opportunities to travel abroad foster cultural awareness and a broader perspective on the world.

Field Trip
Family Picnic

Family Events

Family involvement in a classical cottage school education is crucial for a child's academic success and overall well-being. Parents' active engagement in their children's learning fosters a positive attitude towards education, motivating students to excel. In addition, family events offer opportunities to celebrate student successes and enhance a sense of community, creating a collaborative environment that positively impacts a student's academic journey.

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